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James Kern

As a true born extrovert, James has always been drawn to people. Past mere introductions, the deepest level of a person – their values, beliefs, and passions – captivate and resonate with James. He’s a people person, yes, but best described as an essence person.

It’s no surprise that finding and capturing personal essence is really the focus of every client he photographs. He skips the small talk and gets right to it from the start which results in an indiscribable experience for each client, beautiful results, and true presonable connection. In fact, this connection in his work is what led to one of his very first international publications.

The first time James held a camera in his hands was with his Father at the age of five. This moment was lifechanging. His memories, passion, and personal values are all connected to photogrphy one way or another. James’ career is a testament to true passion and success, that all of us wish to find.


Bachelor of Arts (University of the Arts)
MFA (Wayne State University)
Official Photographer for Rally Rd
Internationally Published



  1. Gurushots Master
  2. Philly Mag Featured Photographer
  3. Metro Philly’s Best
  4. Philly’s Best top Choice Homecare 2021


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    Look Cool And Confident

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